Cloud Integration


In today’s IT environment, providing a seamless user experience is no longer an option—it’s expected. In order to deliver on this promise, businesses require modern Cloud-based platforms and legacy on-premise ERP systems to be fully integrated. But many business leaders are uncertain how to achieve this integration to effect results that impact the top and bottom line. Bridging the divide of on-premise, mobile and cloud creates unique challenges.

Saibersys integrated cloud solutions enable customers to link their existing IT applications together, such as:

  • Existing cloud applications, such as Salesforce, social media, networking, marketing sites
  • On-premise applications, such as ERP, service, HR, and support programs
  • Mobile apps, such as for smart phones, tablets, or other mobile devices
  • Partner or business-to-business applications, such as connecting vendors, suppliers, or distributors
  • Devices, including any end-point that could potentially integrate with a cloud such as cars, satellite receivers, smart phones, HVAC systems, communication or utility grids, etc.

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