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Client Challenges

Driven by multimedia consumption and data explosion, network traffic is increasing exponentially with no end in sight. In the midst of all these changes, telecom service providers are faced with challenges that test every aspect of their operations.

The demand for faster, more reliable streams of data collide with pressures to produce profitable revenue streams and effective business models, all while keeping customers happy. This requires smart investments in network capacity and systems to meet rising customer expectations.

What Saibersys Provides

Saibersys is uniquely positioned to help network service providers overcome these challenges. We are a leading telecom industry service provider, delivering intelligent end-to-end solutions and services. Our capabilities enable us to intimately support communications requirements for both network operators and enterprise clients, delivering comprehensive, fully integrated solutions.

Saibersys’s offerings equip providers with a complete customer, consumer or business life-cycle that achieves results. The relationship starts with customer acquisition systems via multimedia services or retail operations. This is followed by service activation through operation support systems (OSS) and integration into business support systems (BSS). This establishes the basis for the billing and customer relationship management (CRM) that power end-user customer service centers.

Saibersys provides support throughout the entire process to ensure we deliver the right solution – from start to finish. We guide you through every step and expand services past solution delivery with customer service support to end users worldwide.

Business Value

With genuine effort and real time implementations, Saibersys has built a substantial client base in the Telecommunications sector. Learn how we can help you identify and overcome challenges specific to you:

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